A few years ago, I looked into getting a generator for my home. After realizing what the costs were and the fact that you spent all that money for something that might only be used a few times a year AND you still had to pay for fuel when it ran… I decided to look into something that would give me the ability to save money every day.

I started documenting my solar journey on YouTube primarily because it was free storage. Pictures can be great down the road, but you have to remember what the picture is all about.

After I started, I realized there was a pretty big void of information regarding the hardware I was using. So I’m endeavoring to learn and share with everyone in order to fill that void.

My background in I.T. and development gives me a desire to want to know how things work. It also gives me a desire to really dig into problems I find in order to find a resolution.

I tried to compile all my parts, pieces and tools into the links below to hopefully make things easy for everyone to find.

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